K.Cole Collection

K.Cole Collection

A few weeks before my 25th birthday, I had gained an angel a little earlier than planned. My best friend who was more like a sister to me, had passed suddenly.

This tragedy had broken my soul. 

Katte was more than a sister, we were soul sisters. The moment I met Katte, my whole life changed. The way I viewed the world was instantly enhanced. Everything was more beautiful, everything was more memorable -the big, the small, everything. I was shown not only the beauty but also the humor in everything. There was always a smile on my face when this woman was around and with this collection I want that same feeling to be brought out in you.

When the jewelry from this line is put on, I want your heart chakra to open up a little bit more, and a smile to come through for no reason. I want you to feel a little bit more happier, a little bit more loved and the need to spread that feeling onto others. 

Sometimes people come into your world to change it for the better and I definitely know this to be true Katte. Today I honor her with this collection that was created with the intention in opening the eyes of others and seeing the true beauty and joy that already surrounds us.