Our Mission

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What started as a personal journey to self healing and growth quickly turned into a calling to help others in the same way.

In the past, instead of dealing with unpleasant events head on, I learned to push myself into a lifestyle of hard work and constantly worrying about running out of time.

I felt I needed to do everything and anything to accomplish my goals and make a lot of money because if I had everything I wanted, I could prevent feeling pain again. I thought if I made a certain amount of money, I would not only live my dream life but I would also have control of every part of my life.

This was not the way and I’m trying to unlearn the toxic behaviours I used as coping mechanisms and transforming them into beautiful healing, grounding and transformative pieces that can be used for meditation and mindfulness practices.

We create our jewelry with the intention to help attract good luck and activate your power, or to bring you protection against negativity and low vibrational energy. 

Wherever you are in your life’s journey we are here to be your support and reminder that you can keep going and keep growing. This journey is not a perfect one and most of the time we do not know where we will end up but enjoy the ride and don't take things seriously. Life is about learning, laughing and giving love, not just towards others but yourself too.